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Financial Planning for a
    Worry-Free Retirement

Retainers and Fees

More than Your Money, Inc. has several retainer arrangements available to allow clients to choose a package of services that meets their needs. To allow our clients to get the maximum attention for the services they choose, we do not work strictly on an hourly basis.


We strongly feel that this is the best retainer for most clients. This retainer establishes a relationship where the clients receive the full benefits of the services we have available. A client generally meets with their planner five to six times per year during the first two years, depending on the complexity of their situation, to create and begin implementation of their integrated plan.

The areas covered include:

  • Investment Portfolio Review
  • Asset Allocation and Investment Implementation
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Individual Income Tax Return Preparation
  • Goal Setting
  • Review of Insurance Coverage and Needs
  • Estate Planning-Will and Health Power of Attorney
  • Budgeting and Record Keeping
  • General Financial Planning

This retainer is open ended, which means that there is no limit to the number of appointments or amount of time for each item. Clients may schedule additional appointments or call for information between appointments on the topics listed above. This allows them to deal with changes without an added charge. The cost is determined specifically for each client and depends on the complexity of the client's situation.  Standard retainers begin at $6,500 per year.


Some clients only want management of their investments without integrated planning. For a limited number of clients, More than Your Money, Inc. will manage a client's investment portfolio without integrated planning. This would include investment recommendations and the monitoring of the client's investable assets, including assets such as 401k's. As with the Standard Retainer, this does not limit the number of appointments or calls available to the client in regard to their assets, nor does it limit the number of hours the planner will spend on recommendations and asset monitoring. This retainer does not, however, include other financial services available through the firm.  Investment retainers begin at $5,000 per year.


When a Standard Retainer has more services than a client wants, we can customize a retainer to include only the services they want. They can choose from the services offered in the Standard Retainer for a predetermined annual fee.  Clients may upgrade from this retainer to a Standard Retainer within 6 months of the original contract and apply the fee toward the Standard Retainer.  A project retainer begins at $1500 for two hours of service.


A focused consultation begins with a twenty minute telephone appointment to answer your questions about the process and briefly discuss the topics you would like to discuss. After the telephone call, generally, a two hour meeting is scheduled with a Certified Financial Planner to review limited aspects of your financial situation. This is not a full financial plan. At the end of the two hour meeting, you will leave the appointment with a written summary of the major points discussed during your meeting. There is no further obligation on your part or on the part of More than Your Money, Inc.

Some topics that may be addressed during the appointment include:

  • Retirement/Financial Independence Analysis
  • Basic Financial Assessment
  • Discussion of general financial strategy
  • Getting started in the right direction
  • Discussion and education on general financial concepts
  • Tax planning for current year
  • Recommendation of possible tax strategies to consider
  • Financial Life Cycle and general asset allocation
  • Analysis of current costs being incurred for financial advice

No tax preparation or investment implementation is included in this review. This is not a full financial plan. It is a brief overview of your financial progress and a review of limited aspects of your financial situation. If you are interested in becoming a full, More than Your Money, Inc. retainer client, the full amount for the Focused Consultation will be applied against the initial retainer if you decide to become an ongoing client within 6 months. The cost for a two hour Focused Consultation is $1500.