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An Educational Approach to Financial Planing


More than Your Money, Inc., strongly believes in education - for you and ourselves. Very few people hire a financial advisor with the intent of learning everything the advisor knows. Everyone, however, should have a comfort level with the elements of their own finances. We strive to increase your comfort level by increasing your understanding and knowledge of the financial issues confronting you. A significant part of our job is sharing information and providing education.

The foundation of our approach is to build a strategy that helps you achieve your goals while increasing your understanding and comfort level with the financial specifics of your situation. To achieve this you will be actively involved in clarifying information about your finances. Additionally, we don't make decisions for you; you make decisions with the information and recommendations we provide.

Our credentials and focus on continued education evidence our commitment to our own education. Jane Young the owner of our firm holds an undergraduate and master’s degrees in business. She is a Certified Financial Planner, which requires demonstration of intellectual knowledge and practical experience in the areas of retirement planning, insurance planning, estate planning, investment planning, income tax, and general financial planning. Jane is a member of several professional organizations that require high ethical standards, including the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, which requires a minimum of 60 hours of continuing education every two years across these disciplines. She generally exceeds the required continuing education credits.